Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Defiant Shrike

Here are a few pics of a recent project that included the use of a Shrike 700 Stock.  The heart of the project was based on a Defiant Falkon action that had been assembled by Hawk Hill Custom ( with one of their barrels. The stainless barrel was chambered for 260 Remington. The barreled action was originally stocked in a Boyds Laminated stock and reported to shoot very well.

Hawk Hill also installed and modified the Sunny Hill floor plate and trigger bow assembly to allow the Jewell Trigger unit to fit correctly. The Shrike stock was installed by the owner during a 4 day tutorial visit to the my shop to learn the process. The stock was made with a Carbon Fiber Edge Shell and a standard fiber-glass fill.

Consequently the owner has now decided not to get into hobby Gun Smithing after retirement but instead take up a less stressful past time like taming lions or capping burning oil wells. 

When using the Shrike stock I've found it beneficial to use a longer set of trigger guard screws. Finding them in an extended Stainless steel and lengths with a nice domed head has never been easy until I contacted Wyatts outdoors ( These screws are of excellent quality. While we were at it I installed one of their followers as well. 

All things considered the project came out pretty well and the owners plans to cross stack a pile of eastern management deer with it in the near future.

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