Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going The Distance in Wyoming

Bart Stam as usual had a great fall. Both guiding a couple of high country Elk hunts and then taking an excellent Pronghorn for himself.  Both hunts took place near his home in Wyoming. The entire family was in tow for this Antelope and from the pics it appears the weather was perfect.

Bart's grandfather had an appreciation for better than average hunting rifles and passed these genes onto his grandson. Bart was fortunate enough to inherited one of his favorites which is shown below. It is a LR-98 Mauser chambered for 7x57 and built completely by Al Biesen many, many years ago. I can assure you this Biesen is not left idle in the gun vault and earns its keep every year. While attending Utah State he spent some time in my shop polishing steel until his eyes crossed. Competent is a word that I always associate with Bart.

During his incarceration with me he did take the time to build his own Legend 300 Winchester Magnum and a 6 mm Remington on a modified Remington 700. This rifle that has become the absolute nightmare of every coyote in the Thermopolis area.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remington 700 Shrike Mold is Complete

I was notified by Dick Davis at McMillan that my 700 Remington Shrike mold is now complete. I should have an example of this stock arriving at the shop this coming Monday the 21st of April. I will begin places orders for this stock late the same week. I look forward to adding this stock to the shops inventory of components for both professionals and hobbyist. I am now excepting orders to include in this first run of stocks. For pricing and proposed delivery dates please reach me by the following methods by phone at 435-755-6842 or by e-mail at