Saturday, April 14, 2012

My quest for the perfect custom rifle

For many years I have pursued big game in Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. I have purchased many rifles out of the box and had many more custom rifles built for me. I continued to be disappointed with their performance and mine behind them. It was good fortune to have guided with D'Arcy for several years in northern Utah and was intrigued by his approach to rifle building. After many years and thousands of dollars spent on rifles that I could not shoot well I finally ordered a 300 Weatherby Legend Long Range from D'Arcy.

My expectations have been met and exceeded. The proof is in the pudding applies here. I have supplied some of the results of my experience with what I believe is the most reliable rifle built on the earth today. If you are on the fence in regard to purchasing an Echols rifle, jump off the fence and get behind the Ferrari of rifles. My proficiency, accuracy and confidence has been astounding with this firearm. I have used this rifle from as close as 30 yards to 625 yards with an average distance to the intended target of 390 yards.

R. Pepper Murray, MD