Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rich is put through the paces

Rich purchased a previously owned Legend Long Range from us a few months ago. As usual we forwarded him all our text in regard to hand-loading and utilizing a rifle made in this configuration. Having spent the majority of his hunting career in the heavily wooded forest of the East he had more than a few questions as to how to begin loading for this rifle as his hand-loading experience was just as limited. It was then we learned he had also been invited to participate in the Lander Wyoming One Shot Antelope Hunt in late September. As time was short I encouraged him to fly to Utah and spend 4 days learning to load for and shoot this new rifle under the conditions imposed by the rules of the One Shot hunt. The use of a bipod, shooting sticks, slings etc are not allowed, we no doubt had our work cut out for us.

We began with the basics of loading and shooting the 1st afternoon. His first shots were done strictly from the bench top off a Hart rest and bunny ears to become familiar with the rifle. The first groups could described as random at best. Whenever he shanked a round he'd shake his head, smile and asked for another round. He rapidly learned to call these shots and correct his mistakes. As his shooting improved we confirmed the accuracy of the loads and made sure the Leupold B&C reticle was working as designed at 100, 200 and 300 yards. Then I pulled him off the concrete bench and had him begin shooting prone off the Hart rest at 300 yards. Then we removed the Hart rest altogether and he shot only off his palm resting over a wooden block to try and simulate field conditions. The learning curve was vertical and not very pretty at first but his perseverance began to pay off. The days began at 6am and ended at dusk. By the end of his stay his shoulder was a bit tender but he was very comfortable with the rifle and his newly found abilities.  Shooting prone with the rifle laid over a jacket, badger mound or rock pile any Lander Antelope is in for a world of grief out to 300 yards this September.

Having arrived with an open mind and being a fast study we covered a lot of ground and stuck with the program despite the 90 plus degree temperatures and evening storms. While here he purchased a second Legend that became available and he shot this rifle along with the first. We will keep you informed as to how the hunt in Wyoming plays out this fall.

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