Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stainless Steel Legend Long Range

We have just about completed another stainless steel Legend. This one is chambered for 300 Winchester magnum and made in our Long Range configuration. The only parts that are not stainless on this rifle are some chrome-moly scope base screws, the trigger pivot pin, the guard screws and the swivel studs. I have yet to find a source for swivel studs and a decent magazine spring made from stainless steel. After the photos were take by Kevin Dilly of Klik Photography the rifle was disassembled once again and these few parts were sent off to Robar to be NP-3 Plus coated and the magazine spring sent to Birdsong's to be coated with Black-T. These parts are supposed to be back in the shop by the end of this week and the assembly will be completed for the last time. This 24" Tim North barrel is also fit with a Clay Spencer Brake per the clients request. Coupled with an over all scoped and loaded weight of close to 10lbs it is pleasure to shoot. Once completed the rifle will then go through some load development by request and then shipped to the front range of Montana.

This Legend is also heading to Tajikistan on a Marco Polo hunt later this fall. We will file a hunt report when one becomes available.

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