Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Midnight Sun And Sweat

Chet Fitzgerald just returned from Alaska's Talkeetna Range a bit sore, a bit weathered, but with a sense of honest hard earned accomplishment. His backpack sheep hunt was booked with Master Guide Braun Kopsack and guided by Tim Brannon. The pair put in their best effort into to play for eight days and on the last full day spotted this ram nine miles from their pick up point. They put him to bed and then covered five more miles to get within 350 yards of the sleeping ram. When the ram finally stood up Chet placed the reticle of his fixed 6X Leupold on the rams back and sent one 130gr TSX from his Legend 270 Winchester (the late Allen Day's old Legend) towards the ram and ended another successful sheep hunt. A hunt such as this is driven by a desire to cat walk in the scree, be bathed in rain and tested to your limits. Well done Chet

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