Friday, April 12, 2013

Test driving our first Stainless Steel Legend

Today I was at the range test driving our first Stainless Steel Legend. Built on a Left Handed G series Model 70. The action was fit with a medium weight 24" Schneider SS 7-mm barrel and chambered for 280 Remington. The scope mounts, floor-plate, trigger bow and follower are made from 7075 Aluminum. The stock is one our Left Hand Legends with a fiberglass shell and a standard fill. It was also topped with a new Zeiss HD5 with a RZ6 Reticle. This 1" variable looks very promising and should be an excellent hunting scope. As is it tips the scale at 8.5lbs. With an Edge carbon fiber shell and a  22" lighter contour barrel it might come in just under 8lbs. We are currently working on two other stainless Legends as well.

 We will up-date this post later on in the month.

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