Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Scope Mounting Alignment Bars

Quite a few years ago I made up a pair alignment bars to allow us to rapidly and accurately re-mount a set of our 1" and 30mm rings and a variety of scopes during the construction and accuracy testing of a Legend or Classic. This simple tool allows the front and rear rings to be precisely lined up and then tightened down on the receiver through the bar body. We now supply these on request with each rifle assembled with multiple ring sets or a rifle made with our peep sight system and a set of scope rings.

As the years have gone by a number of people have seen us use these bars in the shop or at the range and have requested that we produce them for resale.  These will work quite well on standard Leupold and Burris dual dovetail type rings and bases to allow one to remove the ring and base without having to spin the rings out of the bases and loosening up the dovetail fit over time. They can be used to spin the front ring into place and visually center a dual rear windage screw ring in the optical center of the rear ring and allow one to tighten the windage screws before the scope is installed to prevent bending the scope. 

The most recent issue of Rifle Magazine, January # 266  featured these bars in an article entitled  Scope-Mounting Tools by John Barsness. We'd like to thank John for this review.

The 1" and 30mm scope alignment bars are now an in-stock inventory item. The cost is $90.00 per bar plus the shipping to your destination.

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