Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bound for Germany

We have just finished up two Legends that will shortly leave northern Utah and begin a journey to Germany to the new owners. One rifle is chambered for 458 Lott and is fit with our peep sight system as well as a set of our 1" rings for a Leupold fixed 3X and a Leupold 1.7-6X.

The other rifle is chambered for 375 H&H and has two sets of our scope rings. One set made in 1" for a Leupold 1.75-6X . The other set of 30mm rings are made for a Swarovski Z6-I 1.7-10X42 L.

The rifles will be shipped in a Pelican Model #1750 which is included with each rifle as well as a Wiha adjustable torque screw driver and a set of 1"& 30mm alignment bars to accurately swap out and reinstall either set of rings when required.

We look forward to the field reports on this pair of Legends in the near future. The international interest and clientele list is beginning to increase steadily.

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