Friday, November 9, 2012

404 Jeffery Classic at the Range

This last weekend we had a client stop by after finishing up a Utah deer hunt to see the progress of his 404 Classic. This left hand Model 70 chambered for 404 Jeffery and another left handed Hagn 300 H&H single shot are in the final construction stages and are presently the center of my attention . We then took the 404 to the range so the owner could run a magazine or two through the rifle to see how the stock fit, felt and handled.

Its early career was in the guise of a Legend that has toured both Botswana and Zambia and showed great service on all accounts. With its French Walnut stock and new barrel the rifle has taken on a whole different look. This rifles hold 5 total rounds and does not require a drop magazine. Complete with our scope mounts, trigger bow & floor plate assembly, loaded and topped with the S&B Zenith 1-4 it tips the scale at 10lbs.

The owner requested that the stock be made without an ebony forend tip installed and I myself have always preferred this tip-less look. With the last 3 rounds the owner hit 3 clay birds at 25-30 yards shooting as fast as he could work the bolt. All 3 clays turned to dust. Now it's on to sanding, finishing and checkering.

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