Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zambian Buffalo and the Legend 375 Ruger

Not to many years ago we were asked if we would consider building a Legend chambered for the 375 Ruger? The query came from Athol Frylinck a veteran Zambian PH and a shameless rifle collector. His request were pretty standard, the rifle had to hold 5 rounds, function under duress, be accurate and had to be made on a Pre-64 Model 70 not the current G series action. We ordered the reamer, found an action and began making the punch and die required to build the 4 round magazine assembly. While the project did present some challenges before it was completed the results met the goal 100%. Over the past 2 years the rifle has become a favorite with his clientele and he has been asked if he'd consider selling it more than once. Despite the perceived limitations of the S&B 6X scope and A4 reticle this Legend will consistently shoot Woodleigh 350gr Soft points and FMJ's into a ragged hole exceeding even our expectations. Pictured above is Athol and John Oosthuizen another PH of considerable reputation and Legend owner and the very rifle laying on it's most recent victim. The lower image is of the same buffalo and the hunter that took the buffalo. One might question Athol's choice of optics yet over the years we have learned to pay attention and keep an open mind to request that are based on experience derived from the trenches everyday. For Athol this rifle had specific guide lines to meet specific situations. The number of buffalo, cats and of plains game taken with this 375 is beginning to mount up. The skinning team can count on overtime whenever this rifle is in tow.

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