Monday, December 11, 2023

News from the field.

Chet and Leslie have been in the bush quite a bit this year. March found them in Zimbabwe on an elephant hunt. Taking one a trophy bull and the other management Bull as well as a crocodile that had been making off with local village goats and donkeys. 

For this trip Chet was armed with a Burgess/Echols 3UE Classic 416 Remington Magnum and a  Echols/Simillion Legend Model-70 458 Lott, both assembled quite a few years ago and both undergoing some collaborative re-vamps at the clients request. The 416 is headed back to Zim this coming year on a Buffalo-Lion hunt.

This barreled action was originally set up with a set of Burgess vertically split detachable 1'' rings. Which worked very well with 1" scopes like the Leupold 3X, 4X and 1.5-5X Leupold variables. Chet has the same history that I have and tends to break scopes at an alarming rate. The only set of 30mm Burgess detachable rings that Tom ever made were for me and they failed to hold a Heavy 30mm Zeiss 1.5-6 from sliding in recoil on a Classic 375 H&H. Chet really wanted to use a current Schmidt and Bender on this 416 3UE and somehow talked me into fitting a set of LX 30mm rings onto this rifle. I still don't know how he pulled that off. That scope now isn't moving anywhere. 

This fall Chet was lucky enough to draw a coveted Wyoming Bighorn permit and both he and Les rode into the high country to poke around in the scree fields and Ram pastures of the Absaroka Range.

The rifle on this hunt is a LX-1 chambered for 30-06 and has been a Beta Test Bed for this LX project from the start. 

After a quick change of laundry it was off to Kyrgyzstan to hunt Ibex for a 2nd time with the LX and it proved it's worth once again with a fine billy.

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