Saturday, December 16, 2023

Dispatches from the field

I received this picture from Tanzania recently of this old Eland Bull taken with a 375 H&H Classic built on the only CorBon Model-1 that I have mentioned in an earlier post. The owner is an ardent African hunter and devoted double rifle fan preferring to get as close as possible before attempting any shot. So this 375 H&H has seen little actual use since its completion but has always been in tow. Always the brides-maid but never the bride until now. This 375 is astonishingly accurate. 


Terry took yet another great Oregon Blacktail Buck with his Legend chambered for 300 H&H. This rifle has seen more field use than many Willys Jeeps. Well done Nieg !

Klein made it back to Africa and put his Legend 375 H&H to good use 

Tom used his Classic Ruger Number-1 25-06 that I built for him in 1984 to take another Elk at age 80 ! I only hope I know where and who I am at age 80. Another notch on the 25!

G travels back to the ram pastures of middle Asian and takes another excellent Marco Polo Ram with his Legend 300 Winchester 

Gran and Glenda still getting after it with a Classic I built for Gran in 1983. It's now on its 3rd barrel. If this rifle could talk it would have a lot to say about where it's been and what it's gathered from the field 

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