Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 is over, and 2017 is a wide open gate

I'm not all that sure where all of 2016 went. Before I knew it all 365 days had clocked out. What was accomplished ?? Quite a lot thank you very much.

For one thing a long over due trip to visit McMillan Fiberglass can be logged in as a major plus. I flew to Phoenix to sort out some ideas with Team McMillan. I was given a solid day to plead my case, toss out some ideas and vent. They listened hard, express their own ideas and they vented while I listened in turn. We cut stocks, we altered a mold, we got shit done. I flew home at the end of the day a very happy camper. The results have begun to trickle in the door and the results are as anticipated. Jeff, Mike and Kelly many, many thanks.

On a sad note Dick Davis, part of the backbone at McMillan for all these years passed away. I for one will miss Dick and considered him a wealth of information and a good friend.

A Frogman washed up, Keith Wood stopped by to try some new skill sets, my 83 year old mother swanned in to stay and the annual float trip on the Teton was great as usual.

The work load in 2016 was diverse and very satisfying. A lot of rounds went down range and a lot of feed back came in from the field as the year progressed. I spent much of this year on R&D, mostly at night and over the weekends. I believe it was effort well spent and long over due. Central Valley Machine put up with my constant intrusions as usual and offered me a cot in early fall to save me from having to go home every night. Thanks Bret as always!

Now time will tell if the use of all that  midnight oil is going to bare fruit. If you don't evolve, you rust. Bathing in WD-40 can only help for so long.

A number of great projects were completed and there are some dandies in the works now. I have another Echols & Co. Lid in the works and should be ready to test drive soon. Artist and Illustrator Dan Burr is finishing up the Art Work for the Logo patch as I type this .

I need to send Kevin Dilley Kudos for his consistent photographic skills and ability to work with a mad man. Kev, you da man !!!!

Soon I'll be heading to the SCI convention and getting out of this ice box for a week. I'm sure I'll see a lot of old friends and clients hopefully make a few new ones.

And to think the Turkey season is just around the corner

                   In the words of Timbuc-3            The Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

See you all in Vegas

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