Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jerry Fisher Barrel Vise: Part 2

The vise comes with one set of Aluminum bushing with additional sizes being available for different diameter barrel shanks. The idea is to buy the bushing so the ID of the busing matches the  shank diameter PLUS the thickness of a new business card. Example: Shank OD is 1.150,  card stock thickness is .012. As the card should wrapped around the shank about 340 degrees the ID of the bushing should be 1.170 to 1.172. The card stock protects the bluing and engraving during the process. This procedure, done properly will allow you the spin actions on and off barrels shanks with no damage to the surface finish on the shank. I am not all sure how this system will work with a Teflon or Cera-Koted barrel shank but will know soon enough.

Disclaimer: I am not being given a vise for this endorsement ! I am paying the bill just like everybody else. The cost for this vise is going to be $575.00 US. The barrel bushings will run $50.00 US per set if you can make your own. At this time the first run of 20 vises are bring completed. Needless to say I do not have one in my shop at this time but I know that if it leaves Jerry's shop it will be an excellent product in every way. It is not often that I put in a plug for anything but this will be an exception. If you have been wanting to up-grade your current barrel vise this is going to the Cadillac of vises.

             Jerry Fisher can be reached at 406-837-2722 MST. A brochure is available on request.

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