Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Standards of the World: The Stinson Gullwing and the Echols Legend .375 H&H

We recently had the pleasure of delivering a Legend rifle chambered in .375 H&H to Mr. Michael Boren.   Our usual procedure for delivery involves lots of packing tape, foam nurbles, and a visit from the UPS truck.  So we were pleased when Mike indicated that he wanted to pick up his rifle in person.  After a quick tour of the shop and short stop at the range to zero the rifle, we dropped Mike off at the airport for his trip home in his "old plane".

The "old plane" turned out to be a gorgeously restored Stinson Gullwing.  Built in 1939,  the Stinson was the depression-era equivalent of today's Gulfstream V.  Spacious and powerful,  Mike's Stinson was sent to England as part of the Lend/Lease program, and served as a coastal patrol aircraft.   Repatriated in 1943,  it moldered for years until Mike bought it and began the 6 year restoration process.  A medalist at the Oshkosh fly-in, this Gullwing isn't a "hangar queen" and is flown regularly.

Brian, Mike, and two Legends

The Stinson takes us back to another time.  A time when quality in design and execution was the norm, and not the exception.    Stinson's motto, "The Aircraft Standard of the World",  embodies what we strive to achieve in our shop.

Variety of groups fired from Mike's .375 with 300 gr. Barne's TSX/Solid and Woodleigh 350 gr. PPSN/FMJ

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