Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the road again

So far his year I have given a power point presentation in three locations that span our great states. One hosted by Terry Niegel in Eugene OR. Another in San Antonio TX hosted by Hamlet Newsom and the most recent one along the historic lower Potomac River in MD. This last event was put together by Joe Coogan and Capt. Bob Wetherald. Like most of these events it was attended by a small but dedicated group of rifle enthusiast and big game hunters.

The presentation gives the audience an uncensored look behind the curtain at building a best quality big game rifle. The program is less than an hour in length and covers the entire construction of a rifle from commission to completion. I have offered this presentation to interested parties for over 20 years and it has allowed me to travel the country and meet some very dedicated hunters.

For further information on arranging such an evening in your area please feel free to call us at 435-755-6842 or through our e-mail address at echolslegend@comcast.net

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