Sunday, February 19, 2023

Testing, testing 123

 A barrel was fit to Ser # 0001 and chambered for 375 H&H, 1-14 Twist, with a 24" finished length 

Skunk-Works at its best 

Then it was glassed bedded into a Test Fire stock, scoped and taken for the first test drive 

1st four rounds out of the rifle after assembly. The sighter and fouling round impact is shown low and left. A rough scope correction is made and the Next 3 rounds land high and right of center.  Matt Rowberry was the trigger man for these first groups. 

Factory Remington Safari Grade 300gr Swift A-Frames 

Then Bret Wursten sent 3 Barnes 300gr Vortex Round nose solids down range 


When given some leash this barrel, receiver, stock and combined effort of materials and engineering will do its best to amaze even me. Here are three, three shot groups fired back to back with Hand-Loads using a combination of 1 TSX, 1 Barnes Banded Flat-nose Solid and 1 Woodleigh Hydro in each group. All these bullets weighed 300grs. The 1st group fired is on the left. A scope correction was made and the middle and right hand groups are shot.
MY, my, my

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