Sunday, August 25, 2019

It's that time of year again

I've had a few pics come in from the field so far this summer.

Phil, Tia and Taj Shoemaker ventured to Zimbabwe in June to hunt Buffalo with Professional Hunter Phillip Smythe and Ivory Trails Safari's. Both Phil and Tia shot nice old bulls and Taj was there for moral support. Phil showed with "Old Ugly" his infamous 458 Magnum and Tia shot her Legend 416 Remington Magnum. Each hunter and rifle preformed as predicted and a lot of family memories were made to last a lifetime.

Bob & Becky just returned from Zambia on a with hunt with John Oosthuizen (Hunters and Guides) . Bob, Becky and John have become close friends over the years having spent many, many months in the field since Bob made his 1st Safari with Hunters and Guides long ago.

He made the most out of the trip in regard to shooting with old # 52 a 375 H&H Classic as well as his 300 H&H Legend. Both rifles now well used all over the African continent. John doing diligence as usual to find the best that any area has to offer and Bob making it count when the time came. 

LB spent the last 10 days in the North West Territories with Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters chasing Dall sheep. LB arrived with a lot of physical training behind him, a back pack full of the lightest kit he could assemble. Giving credit when its due LB took a Gene Simillion built 6.5 Creedmor assembled on a Left Hand Dakota 97 action. He and his guide toughed it out covering as much ground as they could with the effort paying off on the last day with this fine Ram 

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