Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Few SCI Convention Pics

I have just returned from the SCI Convention, happy to have seen older clients and to have met new ones. As usual I am a bit hoarse, bleary eyed and very tired of restaurant meals. I intend on getting in a good hike before the bird season closes to rectify this malaise.

Enclosed are a few pics that Phil Shoemaker took at my request while at the SCI convention last week. They're all of custom gunsmiths who's work always commands a second look. It matters little if their styles vary, the end results are always excellent. Forgive me if I haven't included your favorite gunsmith as this event requires days to cover and the number of makers that can be found at this convention is substantial to say the least.

         David Miller & Curt Crum

Gene Simillion

James Tucker & Reto Beuhler 

             Joe Smithson & the Granite Mountain Team

Ralf Martini 

Todd Ramirez 

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