Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Walk In The African Sun

Terry Niegel sent in a few pictures from his recent safari in Namibia and South Africa. Terry's PH for this hunt was Bobby Hansen (Bobbyhansensafaris.com.) This was Terry's 2nd hunt with Bobby. The plan for this hunt was to visit a new area in Africa, hunt as hard as they could from dawn until dusk and roll with the punches. To say they did OK is a bit of an understatement. Terry used his Legend Sporter chambered for 300 H&H. This rifle has been his go-to rifle for quite some time. Loaded with 168gr TTSX's it has become the long arm of the law on any ridge-line that he settles down to glass from. The bluing is now worn silver in many places and the recoil pad needs replacing. A visible testament to its use. 

Their joint persistence and luck ran deep as the wide-glide Kudu bull is stunning from any angle, the second bull more typical and equally impressive. The Mountain Zebra and Gemsbuck added sweat equity to the mix. The Eland is a stunner in anyones book, this old bull is a once of a life time encounter, long and worn, a true desert ghost. No one had ever seen this bull in the area, Bobby had been there for three previous weeks, the staff lives there but no one had a glimpse, not a hint, just an apparition that appeared out of the thorns.

Instead of electing to fly from Namibia to the Limpopo River area of South Africa to do some additional hunting. Terry elected to drive the 27 hours to the Limpopo with Bobby. While the drive was long the scenery was always changing. Dusty and dry they rolled into the Limpopo just in time for dinner and a sun downer.

In the remaining days of the trip they took a nice Bushbuck among the islands and pools in the river bed. While the quality a hunt should never be judged on the number of animals taken on many levels I think we can could call this trip a roaring success.

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