Friday, November 15, 2013

The 2013 Mule Deer Season So Far

This has a been a good fall for some of our clients and friends. Lighting struck twice in Utah with LB's buck taken with Bucks and Bulls, Guides and Outfitters. LB's guide was Travis Adams and on a lease they have had for years. The buck was shot just at dark as he moved out of an Aspen patch to feed. The rifle used was made by Gene Simillion and chambered for 7mm Dakota.


The second buck was also taken in Utah again with Bucks and Bull Guides and Outfitters by a client of ours from Sweden. Anders had purchased a management tag and was to help cull some older breeding bucks that would never be considered by a trophy hunter. I was Anders guide on this hunt and I may have over-shot the protocol on this buck as I never saw the crab clawed fourth on the main beam. I will likely being clearing trails and mending gates this summer as disciplinary action for the oversight.  Anders made the comment that he saw more game on the first 2 days of the hunt than he might see in 2 years of hunting in Sweden. His shot was taken at 330 yards with a Legend 300 H&H Standard Sporter.

.This third buck was taken in Alberta by Chuck Nelson on a self guided hunt. Chuck said he past up 97 or 98 bucks before he had to be talked into shooting this bruiser, talked into? This buck was taken with a Left Handed 7mm Mashburn just shy of 300 yards. Chuck assembled the Mashburn with a LH Legend Stock and the help of some better than average Gun-Smithing talent in Canada.

      Talked into indeed. 

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