Friday, February 22, 2013

Legend 300 Winchester in the highlands of Ethiopia

Not to long ago Pete Treboldi traveled to Ethiopia to hunt Mountain Nyala and Lesser Kudu. The hunt was conducted in the mist shrouded highlands and in much drier lower elevations. His rifle of choice for this hunt was his Legend chambered for 300 Winchester. Needless to say the rifle and the owner got plenty wet, very cold, covered with dust and baked in the sun. With each opportunity both Pete and his Legend still managed to pull it altogether. When we built this rifle he wanted us to try some Winchester 180gr Fail Safe ammunition to see if this barrel would shoot it at all accurately. He really wanted to use this bullet if at all possible. In fact he said if it shoots 1-1/4" I'm going to use it regardless.

The first three groups shot with this ammo averaged .500. Since this factory load was about to be discontinued by Winchester he bought all the available Fail Safe ammunition he could find and has used it ever since. Like many of our clients Pete owns both a Legend and a Classic and chooses the rifle to meet the anticipated conditions for the hunt.

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