Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 more Legends head for home

Karl D and his lovely wife drove 12 hours on Tuesday to pick up another pair of Legends. One was chambered for 270 Winchester and the other for 300 Winchester. Both are in out standard sporter configuration. We spent some time at the range shooting these at 200 and 300 yards. As the session came to a close and they were facing the long drive home Karl wanted to shoot a 458 Lott we had and try and compare it to the recoil of his Legend chambered for 416 Rem. He has another Elephant coming up the this fall and just needed to see for himself if this caliber was a real man killer in the recoil dept.

So we set up his shooting sticks about 35 yards from the target frame and he fired 3 shots in very rapid succession as one might be required on such a hunt. He wanted to see what the recovery time was like  from shot to shot. As the third case hit the ground he turned and smiled and said, "Hell that's not bad !"

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