Saturday, May 19, 2012

Classic Rifle Upgrades

In the past we have had many clients with nice old bolt action hunting rifles that have been used for many years.  Affectionately called "working rifles" some of these rifles could use more than a little help getting back to their full potential.

For this we offer an upgrade service for a variety of classic bolt action rifles such as the Pre-64 Winchester Model-70, Mauser 98 sporter's and Classic custom rifles from a variety of pedigrees based on these two actions.

The upgrades typically involve thorough evaluation, bore cleaning, feeding work, spot bedding, trigger work, fixing cracked stocks, recoil pad installation or replacement, scope mounting and iron sight revival or conversion, replacement of coil and main springs, extractor, ejector and safety work as well as accuracy testing at our range. In extreme cases, we have re-barreled rifles with shot out bores with custom barrels from Krieger or Lilja.

All work is done at our standard shop rate of $75/hour.  Turn around time on these projects is fairly rapid. Please call if you have any questions in regard to this service.

Doweling up a cracked grip

Converting a magazine that would not feed properly 

Re-barreling a Classic that had accuracy and bedding issues

Repairing a crack through the grip

                                             Installing a wing safety on Harry Selby's 416 

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