Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mark travels to Utah

I met Mark at the SCI convention this year in Las Vegas. He was shopping for a custom rifle and from what he said he had visited every custom rifle builder in the convention hall. At the end of our conversation I extended an invitation to visit our shop if ever he found the time and to come see what we do and shoot some of the rifles we had on hand.

He arrived last Sunday at 1pm and by 2pm we were at the range. He was contemplating acquiring a       7-mm Remington Magnum or a 300 Winchester Magnum and was now shooting both. First from the bench to confirm the zeros and compare the recoil and then from prone and then from a sitting position out to 300 yards. His last group of the day was a 1-1/8" three shot group at 300 yards fired from the bags with the 300 Win. I think he even surprised himself. The next day he arrived at the shop, took the grand tour and we were back at the range in short order. Brian introduced him to shooting with a sling both prone and sitting and then we hauled out Andy the Antelope and Mark went to town on Andy. His first group prone when into a 3" triangle  right where Andy's heart would lie.

 This type of interaction between a perspective client and the custom rifle maker allows the rifle maker to evaluate the client's shooting style and suggest changes when required and gain a more complete idea how the project should come together to better fulfill the shooter's ultimate needs. The prospective client can evaluate the maker to see if he thinks this union has even a prayer of working out. When you can travel to your rifle maker do so, as the benefits can far out way the expense in the long run for both parties involved.

Mark left northern Utah on a high note and we need to order another custom barrel.

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