Thursday, January 5, 2012

Side Lock Stock Machining: Part 1

Recently I machined a side lock butt stock for a client in the UK. The client had glass bedded the inletting where necessary to eliminate any voids or imperfections that the stylus could drop into and create a duplicate gap in the newly machined stock. This original stock was unusual as it came with a Selous brass stock plate that was applied at some point to repair a break in the grip at one time. I left the plate in place and worked around it.

As the stock to be cut needed to have a 1" LOP extension, the length of the pattern was extended to allow the longer LOP. Both stocks were loaded between the centers and using an oversized stylus and undersized cutter I cut the profile of the pattern into the french walnut blank. I then trimmed the x & y profile with the band saw and then returned the french blank to the machine and cut a series of 360 degree groves around circumference of the french blank from end to end. The grooves are cut leaving + 1/4 " extra wood over the OD of the pattern stock. I then trim off the excess material from the french blank with the band saw again. I then remove the majority of the exterior walnut and end up with an oversized stock that duplicates the pattern's shape.

Once the OD of the stock is profiled oversized I cut in the basic side lock, action and trigger plate cavities. This is done with a stylus and cutter that will allow me plenty of wood in the action area. The stock and pattern are then removed from the machine.

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