Thursday, December 1, 2011

.458 Lott Legend Rifle Part 2

Our peep sighted Legend rifle in .458 Lott offers the utmost in durability, portability, and lethality while still maintaining superior handling characteristics.  Weighing in at 9.5 lbs., this rifle uses our magazine box and follower system which allows for a 4 round capacity in the magazine, a feature usually limited to a cumbersome drop box design.  The magazine box is fabricated from heat treated 410 stainless steel which will not deform under heavy recoil.

D'Arcy Echols & Co. Magazine Box and Tooling

 The sighting system consists of a rear aperture sight (adjustable for windage) that is manufactured in house combined with a NEGC elevation adjustable front sight.  The rear sight aperture can be threaded to accept a variety of different aperture diameters or opened up to a large "ghost ring" for quicker sight alignment.

D'Arcy Echols & Co. Rear Aperture Sight

This system, when utilized by a skilled rifleman, allows useable accuracy which will rival any scope within 150 yards.  More importantly, it is more durable than any scope made today. 

The bottom metal standard on this rifle was designed in house and is machined from heat treated 4140 steel for the ultimate in elegance and strength.
D'Arcy Echols & Co. Trigger Guard and Floorplate

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