Monday, August 18, 2014

Boyd Blaine Deel 1936-2014

In April Boyd Blaine Deel slipped the bounds of this earth and began another Safari into the unknown. Born of humble means in Oklahoma he joined the Marine Corps as a young man to see the world.

With his military commitments complete Boyd married his wife of 50 years Marilyn. Together they raised a family that no doubt miss him more now than those early years when he was flying around the world keeping all the balls in the air. Those efforts paid off in spades and in time the family began to enjoy the finer things in life but he never forgot his roots and how fleeting success can be.

He worked hard and played just as hard. Hunting in Africa became such a passion that he acquired a ranch and hunting operation along the Limpopo and has had his fingers in a variety of Safari Companies over the years to satisfy his love of the African bush. He was equally at home on blue water and his appetite for bill fish was always keen. From driven grouse in the highland moors, tiger fishing on the Zambezi to hogs in the hills of California he enjoyed it all. In camp he was comfortable with baloney sandwiches or beluga roe.

I was introduced to Boyd through Professional Hunter Campbell Smith 20 years ago. At that time Boyd was looking for a Classic 416 Rigby and I was commissioned to build the rifle. Other rifles followed and over the years we began hunting together when time allowed. The time spent with Boyd was never dull. When asked he offered great council on a vast spectrum of subjects and he possessed a wicked sense of humor.

I think fondly of Boyd and will miss his humor and quiet conversations at dawn on a good ridge.
                                                    God Speed my friend

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NRA Sharp Daily

Please take the time to visit The NRA Sharp Daily web publication and read the article submitted by Keith Wood. All the rifle photographs submited were taken by Kevin Dilley- Klik Photo.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shrike Remington 700 Stock

I have just received the first Shrike Remington 700 Right Hand BDL stock from McMillan to address any minor changes in the inletting programs. I am very pleased with the efforts put forth by Dick Davis and the team at McMillan in regard to the making this mold and bringing this project into the next phase. The production of this stock has now officially begun.

This stock was specially designed to be used for the Remington 700, Right Hand, BDL action. This stock can also be used with the Remington 700, 308 length BDL actions. By the same token a variety of 700 variants actions such as the Borden, Definace, Stiller, etc can be used with this stock design providing the rear tang of the variant has a typical Remington rear tang configuration. Additional length was given to the left rear side wall to accommodate the extended length of some Clone receivers in this area using the newer bolt stop designs and housings. This added length can easily be removed and blended into the stock with a rat-tail file for the standard 700 action in a matter of minutes. The stock features right hand "Cast Off" at both the toe and heel and a straight comb that will just allow the cocking piece to clear the nose of comb.

The butt stock is designed with contemporary style cheek piece complete with a shadow-line. The stocks architecture mimics both my other Model 70 Legend Stocks in regard to for-end length, width and cross sectional shape. The grip however is geometrically designed to be ascetically pleasing to the eye as well as offer a proper hand weld with the Remington radial rear tang shape and tang angle into the grip of the stock. This stock is designed as a hunting/sporter stock, any tactical or target application will not apply. This underside of this stock will readily accept the Remington OEM, Williams or Sunny Hill floor-plate and trigger bow assemblies. However, the underside of the stock it is not applicable to Blind Magazine application. These stocks come out of the mold with a 10" for-end, 14" length of pull  and approximately a 1/4" cast off at the heel and 3/8" cast at the toe.

For pricing, ordering and delivery information I can be reach at 435-755-6842. 8-5 MST

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nathan Foster's Books, Well Worth The Price

I recently ordered and received three books written by Nathan Foster. I have finished one, started the second and like the first, just can't seem to put it down.  The first two are well written and I'm sure the third will be without exception. The subject matter on his web site, videos and books is clearly directed at precision shooting from near to extreme ranges, proper gear selection, caliber overview and shooting positions for the field. He covers the use of bipods or packs as rest, rifle bedding and bedding material, procedures for bedding, equipment maintenance, proper cleaning, barrel lapping, optical and scope mount selection, barrel profiles, barrel weights, action comparisons and a broad overview of related topics for the serious hunting rifleman. While he does not claim to be a gunsmith his approach to all the material he covers puts him in some rarified air as an amateur. Mr. Foster is no doubt one of those rare individuals that has honed his skill by taking over 7000 animals, not 70, not 700, 7000 plus in his native New Zealand. Clearly his experience is based on empirical field data and not conjecture. It is most gratifying to find an individual who's experience is well grounded and is able to convey his thoughts so clearly.

I first became aware of Mr. Foster's background while doing a web search for 6.5x55 loading data. I stumbled on his treatise pertaining to and hunting with the Swede. That led me to other calibers he has written about as well as viewing video clips he has made on many related subjects. This guy must never sleep.

In short this site is packed with very credible, interesting information. The environment in which he hunts is unique to say the least and a better extended range ballistic laboratory would be hard to duplicate due to the nature of the terrain and the seemingly endless supply of feral animals. I cannot do justice to the amount of experience and insight he has amassed in a single blog post as it just isn't possible.

I would suggest going to If I had to suggest the first book it would be Bolt Action Rifle Accuracy and Maintenance. Do yourself a favor, pull up his web site and browse. I have found nothing to date that I flatly disagree with or would take to task. There is no way to leave his site without some compelling thoughts and a desire to read more.

Well done Mr. Foster

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going The Distance in Wyoming

Bart Stam as usual had a great fall. Both guiding a couple of high country Elk hunts and then taking an excellent Pronghorn for himself.  Both hunts took place near his home in Wyoming. The entire family was in tow for this Antelope and from the pics it appears the weather was perfect.

Bart's grandfather had an appreciation for better than average hunting rifles and passed these genes onto his grandson. Bart was fortunate enough to inherited one of his favorites which is shown below. It is a LR-98 Mauser chambered for 7x57 and built completely by Al Biesen many, many years ago. I can assure you this Biesen is not left idle in the gun vault and earns its keep every year. While attending Utah State he spent some time in my shop polishing steel until his eyes crossed. Competent is a word that I always associate with Bart.

During his incarceration with me he did take the time to build his own Legend 300 Winchester Magnum and a 6 mm Remington on a modified Remington 700. This rifle that has become the absolute nightmare of every coyote in the Thermopolis area.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remington 700 Shrike Mold is Complete

I was notified by Dick Davis at McMillan that my 700 Remington Shrike mold is now complete. I should have an example of this stock arriving at the shop this coming Monday the 21st of April. I will begin places orders for this stock late the same week. I look forward to adding this stock to the shops inventory of components for both professionals and hobbyist. I am now excepting orders to include in this first run of stocks. For pricing and proposed delivery dates please reach me by the following methods by phone at 435-755-6842 or by e-mail at

Friday, February 14, 2014

Giving Up Some Tools

I spent an hour with Lon Paul at the recent SCI convention. As many of you know a wildfire swept through his property and left his shop in ashes last year. I do not personally know Lon all that well but have admired his rifle making ability in both metal and wood for many, many years.

As many are aware I have the social grace and tact of a land mine and could not help but ask him what he planned to do in light of the disaster. His attitude was good considering the impact the event has had on his ability to make a living, pay his bills and to re-build a career. I'm not sure if I would be as stoic in the face of such a calamity. The long drive home made me ponder how I would hold up under similar circumstances as well as ask myself how I might help Lon in a small but positive way.

As I have posted on the blog before I just received a Jerry Fisher Barrel vise, which left my old vise obsolete. I then thought about other tools I have acquired over the years that for what ever reason I do not use anymore or have duplicates of. Metal and wood files I picked up by the gross in a good buy or yard sale chisels and gouges that I never got around to cleaning up and bringing back to life.

Today I sent two packages to Lon. The contents of which contained a variety of hand tools, cleaning equipment, the barrel vise and bushings, etc. Things that I could easily spare without directly impacting my daily work load that would allow Lon to begin his craft again. I look at this as simply donating a chisel to help restart a career, an opportunity to pay it forward.

I'm not sure if Lon is a Guild Member but what a gesture of support the Guild could show by offering a similar hand. I would like to think that their would be others in my profession that might be willing to step to the plate and help a brother in arms that has fallen but is clearly not beaten.

For those of you that might be feeling similarly philanthropic Lon's UPS address is as follows

Lon Paul
28-950 Bonita Vista Rd
Mountain Center, CA 92561

                                              Both fire pics found on the

The quality of Lon's efforts through the years